Total count of email and passwords in database is 11,716,027.
Total count of hashed passwords in database is 326,180,055.

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This checks your email address against passwords and email addresses which have been stolen by hackers. If a match is found, you can have my server email you the password through gmail via ssl with settings to automatically permanently delete sent emails.

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If you trust me and what I say below, go ahead and enter your password.

This field uses JavaScript to check the strength of your password. Clicking the check button will send the hash of your password to my server to check against my hash database for stolen passwords.


This server does not log anything and it is ssl encrypted. Any activity done on this page is safe from anyone including myself. If you don't trust me, download my source code and re-implement this on your own server.

If you would like to see the top 500 passwords in this database, visit

If you find more stolen passwords, email me at and I will see if I can get data to import.

Recommended password database software to use includes:

Source code for this site is at

External code used is CryptoJS, recaptchalib, zxcvbn, jQuery, and Bootstrap.